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Silver Salmon

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing is nothing less than spectacular. As well as being acrobatic these aerial Silver Salmon leap out of …

Fly Fishing Rainbow Trout

Alaska Rainbow Trout Fly Fishing

Rainbow Trout Fishing      Fly fishing rainbow trout in Alaska is fantastic! Especially with our location on the Nushagak River which is close to …



4-person, fully guided, King Salmon fishing trip – $11,000 ($2,750 per person).
Dates between: June 15 – July 15th 

                            4-person, fully guided, Silver Salmon fishing trip – $11,000 ($2,750 per person).
Dates between: July 25th – Aug 15th

Spring 2020 brown bear hunt, Only 2 left – $15,000

                                                                              Fall 2020 brown bear hunt, 1 left –  $15,000


                                                          Interested in a 2021 Moose Hunts or 15-day Combo Hunt?

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