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Brown Bear Hunts

$18,000 10 Day Hunt

May 10th – 20th; May 21st – 31st; Aug 20th – 30th


Moose Hunts

$25,000 11 Day Hunt

Sept. 5th – 15th


2 on 1 Moose Hunts

$22,000 11 Day Hunt

Sept. 5th – 15th


Combo Moose/Brown Bear

$35,000 15 Day Hunt

Sept. 4th – 18th


Alaska Fishing Packages

King Salmon Fishing

5 Days/5 Nights
$2,000 per person (self-guided)
$3,000 per person (fully guided)

June 15th – July 15th
All Inclusive Once at Camp


Rainbow Trout, Grayling, Salmon Fly Fishing Trips

5 Days/5 Nights
$3,250 per person (1-3 guests)
$2,750 per person (4-6 guests)

July 15 – August 20
Fully Guided
All Inclusive Once at Camp


Silver Salmon Fishing Trips

6 Days/5 Nights
$3,250 per person (1-3 guests)
$2,750 per person (4-6 guests)

July 25th – August 15th
Fully Guided
All Inclusive Once at Camp

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Alaska Hunting & Fishing Packages

Alaska Hunting & Fishing Packages Include Brown Bear Hunts, Moose Hunts, King & Silver Salmon Fishing trips.

     Join Michael Vanstrom on a Alaska Elite Outdoor adventure for Brown Bear & Moose hunts deep in the diverse geography of unit 17 which offers the some of the healthiest lakes, rivers, and streams that Alaska has to offer. Located in the Southwestern portion of Alaska in the Bristol Bay area on the Nushagak & Mulchatna rivers, hunters can expect top quality service while on a Alaska hunting & Fishing Trip with Alaska Elite Outfitters.  From the fishing camps on the Nushagak River to the hunting camps on the upper Mulchatna river we have excellent facilities and transportation to them.

The adventure for Moose & Brown Bear begins 300 miles South West of Anchorage, Alaska. Our clients fly into Anchorage and then to Dillingham, AK where they float plane to camp on the Nushagak River. Unit 17 is where you will find home during your Alaska hunting & Fishing Trip and offers a vast area of wilderness, mountains, rolling hills, huge lakes and healthy rivers and streams for many Moose & Brown Bear call home.






5 Day/5 Night, fully guided, Silver Salmon fishing trip – $3,000 per person. 

Dates between: July 25th – Aug 15th

August 20 – 30, 2020, brown bear hunt, 2 left – $18,000 per person.

Fall 2020 brown bear hunt, 1 left –  $18,000 per person.

                                                          Interested in a 2021 Moose Hunts or 15-day Combo Hunt?

Email: | Phone: 218-434-006