Guided King Salmon Trips

The Nushagak River is home to the largest run of Kings (Chinook Salmon) in the world and some of the best King Salmon fishing in Alaska. More King Salmon return to the river than any other river in Alaska, over 100,000 Kings arriving in the months of June and July. It is not uncommon to catch 20 – 40 Kings in a day during the peak King run. Their power can ware your arm out! Chinook salmon are voracious feeders and eat salmon eggs and various large lures often tipped with some herring on larger spinning or bait casting rods with 20-40 pound line. Fly fishing king salmon can be done but can be tough. Kings generally run the deeper channels.  Fly rods (9-11 weight) with fast sinking line and weighted flies are recommended to get deep enough. Western Alaska and the Bristol Bay area has the largest populations of king salmon, rainbows, graying, arctic char in Alaska and possibly the world according to ADFG. King salmon fisherman have a two fish per day limit in the Nushagat river system.  With 3-4 kings kept and filleted you can take home a 50 lb box of vacuum packed king fillets and at $20 or more per pound in your local grocery you would save about $1000.00. Just an added bonus plus a fabulous, delicious, healthy table fare! Our adventures have some of the most comfortable accommodations you will find on the river.  Located in the village of Ekwok, only 1/4 mile from airport/landing strip, our location is very convenient for guests.  Sitting on the bluff in Ekwok our wooden cabins are right next to the lodge which overlooks the Nushagak River. Our packages are all-inclusive once you arrive in Ekwok Alaska; cooked meals morning and night, along with lunch and snacks are provided. We set you up with all the gear, bait, freezer boxes, fish cleaning, and packaging for your fully guided fishing trip. If you are fly fishing you should bring your own fly rods and flies. Please call Mike @ 218-434-0068 for more info on this.


  • Wooden facilities – No Tents
  • Cooked meals included
  • More reasonably priced than most Nushagak King fishing outfitters
  • Fish packaging and freezer boxes for your catch
  • Right on the river and close to airport (convenient)
  • Plenty of freezer space
  • Ice maker and refrigeration in the lodge
  • Hot showers on site right next to cabins
  • Fresh cured bait (Salmon eggs)
  • Nice King fishing rods and reels provided
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