Taking only a couple of bear hunters hand full of bear hunters out the entire season we are able to provide top quality trophy bear for each hunter.  Our Brown Bear hunts are conducted in the Western Alaska in the Game Management Unit 17 near Bristol Bay. The southern part of this area starts at the Bristol Bay shoreline and then runs north to the Killbuck Mountains. The eastern border of this area is the famous Mulchatna River Watershed, and then runs west taking in the Nushagak River drainages and Nushagak Hills. This area is about 170 miles long by 90 miles wide, roughly 15,000 square miles. The area we hunt have lake and river systems in which 4-5 million salmon spawn annually, which is one of the largest concentration of wild salmon spawning anywhere in the world! As hunters know, when you have concentrations of salmon, you’ll have concentrations of bears.

We have a heavy population of Coastal Brown bear with the the most liberal hunting season and bag limit of anywhere in Alaska. Our bear season is open for over 8 months per year, which offers us 3 months(April, May & Sept.) of prime bear hunting opportunity. We hunt brown bears in the spring and fall every year with a limit of 2 bear per year, every year, for non-resident hunters. These bears range from 8 to 10 feet square, with skulls that vary from 24″ – 28″+ and are at their heaviest during the fall season. In the last 15 years we’ve never had problems with bears being rubbed in spring or fall. Our area has all four color phases of Brown Bear(Dark brown, Chocolate, Blonde and Blonde w/choc legs).

Our historical success is 80% – 100%, depending on the year and weather. We take a limited number of hunters and are committed to providing each client with excellent service and a high success rate on large brown bears.

  • *Focus on Mature Boars
  • *April snow machine hunts
  • *May boat hunts
  • *September salmon run hunts
  • *2-Brown Bear area
  • *All 4 color phases of Brown Bear
  • *Never had problem with rubbed hides Spring or Fall
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