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          What Alaska Elite Outfitters has to offer

    • Hot showers, Flushing toilets on site

    • Wooden kitchen and wood-framed yurts or cabins to stay in

    • Cooked meals provided breakfast, lunch & dinner

    • Fish packaging as well as freezer boxes provided on fully guided fishing trips

    • The camp location is right on & overlooking the Nushagak River

    • Plenty of freezer space for your catch

    • Ice maker and refrigeration in the lodge

    • River fishing is not only exciting but also done in all types of weather

    • Fresh cured bait (Salmon Eggs) provided

    • Nice King Salmon fishing rods & reels provided

    • You can purchase your fishing license and King Stamp from Alaska Elite Outfitters or ADFG.


Nushagak River Kings

     Alaska Elite Outfitters (A.E.O) provides you the fantastic opportunity to fish on the famous Nushagak River for the most massive Alaska King (Chinook) Salmon run in the world.  A known fact, the Nushagak River is home to the best; also, the biggest King Salmon runs in Alaska with over 100,000 King Salmon returning annually to spawn.  Furthermore, during June and July, it is not uncommon to catch 10-30 King Salmon per day during the run’s peak weeks.  Landing these aggressive King Salmon is not only exciting but guaranteed to wear out your arm!

     Alaska King Salmon are voracious feeders that strike a variety of lure presentations.  We effectively utilize spin-n-glows with cured eggs and large lures tipped with herring.  Not only do we drift and troll thru the King holes but also anchor up and use crankbaits. You can expect to use eight to nine-foot medium-heavy rods and reels with a 20 to 80-pound power pro fishing line.

Fly Fishing Nushagak River King Salmon

     Fly fishing King Salmon on the Nushagak River is a fantastic challenge. King Salmon generally runs the deeper channels as well as hole up to rest.   So Fly rods (9-11 weight) with a fast sinking line and weighted flies are recommended to get down deep enough to fish them.

Alaska King Salmon In Bristol Bay

     South Western Alaska and the Bristol Bay area have the largest populations of King Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Grayling, and Dolly Varden in Alaska and possibly the world, according to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADFG). King salmon fishermen have two fish per day limit with 4 in their possession on the Nushagak river system.  With 4 Kings filleted and frozen, you can take home a 50 lb. Box of vacuum-packed fillets and $20 per pound in your local grocery store is $1000.00 value. King Salmon is both delicious and nutritious, as well as a very healthy table fare!

Nushagak River Lodging

     In addition to having some of the most comfortable accommodations on the Nushagak River, Nushagak Paradise Lodge is also right on the River 20 miles below the village of Ekwok close to the tidewaters.  wooden cabins, kitchen, and yurts are right next to the lodge, steam bath, showers, and restrooms.  Our location is very convenient for our guests because it sits on the bluff overlooking the Nushagak river and gives us access to the landing strip and floatplanes access.

Nushagak River King Fishing Packages

     Fishing packages are all-inclusive once you arrive in the main camp, 20 miles downriver from Ekwok, Alaska.  In the field, we provide three meals a day for all our guests, including snacks. In addition to that, we set you up with all the gear, bait, freezer boxes as well as fish cleaning, and packaging for your fully guided fishing trip. If you would like to Fly-fish, you should bring your fly rods and gear. Please email or call Mike @ 218-434-0068 for more info on this.



6 Day/5 Night, fully guided, King  Salmon fishing trip – $3,000 per person.
Dates between: June 15th -July 5th

6 Day/5 Night, fully guided, Silver Salmon fishing trip – $3,000 per person.
Dates between: July 25th – Aug 20th

2021 Fall Brown Bear hunt Aug 20-30th $20,000 per person.

2021 Spring Brown Bear hunt $20,000 per person.

   2021 Moose/Brown Bear Combo Hunts 2 Left @ $35,000 per person

Email: | Phone: 218-434-006