Hunters can expect top quality service while Moose hunting in Alaska. We keep the trophy quality high on our moose by taking only a few moose hunters in to our area each year. Alaska Elite Outfitters offers personalized, quality hunting with integrity.Taking only a few moose hunters out each year keeps the trophy quality high. By using jet boats, it makes it possible to travel up or down rivers for miles accessing back waters, small rivers and tributes. From there we can use spike camps when hunting, or we may return to base camp every night.

Trophy class bulls are found throughout Alaska, some of the largest come from the wester portion of the state. Alaskan Moose occasionally produce trophy-size antlers when they are 6 year or 7 years old, with the largest antlers grown at approximately 10 to 12 years of age. In the wild, Moose rarely live more than 16 years. Mature Alaskan Moose can weight anywhere from 1,400 – 1,600 lbs. In several areas of Alaska, Moose can produce antlers that measure over 70 inches wide and average over 60″ in our area.

We moose hunts are in early September during the pre-rut stage. Our primary hunting method is calling & raking, but we also do some spot and stalk. Please understand the big bulls aren’t standing in the open like magazine articles make them out to be. They’re here, all right, and they’re big, but you have to work to get them and being patient become important. We can’t emphasize this enough.

The action is up close and intense. Most shots average 20-60 yards. About 60% of our hunters bring a rifle and the others use a bow. Make sure to bring a good camera (preferably water proof). If you can, bring a digital video camera and we’ll get some great actions shots of you to take home! Click below to view rates and a list of suggested items to bring with you.

The moose hunting in our particular area is unique in that it is a corridor permit hunt.  There is a two mile corridor along the upper Nushagak, Mulchatna, King Salmon, Nuyakuk, Stuyahuk and Koktuli rivers that is given 150 non resident bull moose  permits each year to restrict the amount of bulls taken from this area.

Another reason our Bull Moose Hunts have done so well in recent years and the average size is growing every yr is that we have experienced 5 mild winters in a row which is allowing the old breeding bulls enough time to recoup after  breeding season.   This is why we are seeing an increase in those 64″-72″ bulls being shot, there is just more of them in our area! The mild winters help with getting the older bulls healthy again but also makes it much harder for wolves to get the moose caught in the deep snow which helps the overall population.


  • We offer the only 15 day Moose/Brown Bear Combo hunt in our area, this allows 4 more days to bag your trophy Brown Bear
  • We utilizing spike camps to hunt active bulls that are to  far away from base camp for safe boat travel after dark (very important to be able to hunt to last light and first light)
  • River hunting out of jet boats make for easy movement up and down river & ability to get back in those hard to reach area’s
  • 5 years in a row of mild winters has had resulted in a great boost to average bull size and overall moose population
  • Moose permits make it so it won’t be over hunted by non-resident hunters
  • We have big mature bulls and a very good # of them
  • Hunting the river system makes for easy transportation of the Moose and Brown Bear after the kill as well
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