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Moose hunting

Alaska Moose Hunt

  • We offer the only 15-day Moose/Brown Bear Combo Hunt in our area! Allowing four more days to bag your trophy Brown Bear.
  • Comfortable base camps that have generators, wood heat, showers, out-house, and freezers.
  • We utilize spike camps for hunting active Bulls & Bears.
  • Eight years in a row of favorable winters has helped trophy bull size & numbers.
  • A finite amount of Alaska Moose hunt permits restricts hunting pressure.
  • River hunting out of jet boats allows for smooth movement up and down the river and the ability to get back to those hard to reach area’s.
  • Floatplane into one of our six base camps.
  • Alaska non-resident hunting license and tags are available directly from Alaska Elite Outfitters or ADFG.
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Alaska Moose Hunting

Alaska Moose Hunt with Alaska Elite Outfitters is a fully guided top quality Moose Hunting experience. By taking a limited # of moose hunters into our vast area, we keep the Moose hunting quality high. Alaska Elite Outfitters efficiently use jet boats for hunting the Trophy Bull Moose in our area. Thus traveling from calling spot to calling spot is comfortable and practical. Cow calling, bull grunts, and brush thrashing are the primary methods of getting big bulls within gun & bow range.

Alaskan/Yukon Moose Hunting On Nushagak River

Generally, backwaters, small rivers, and meadows are where big trophy bulls hangout. Thereby our ability to travel on jet boats and Zodiacs makes it possible to access these big Alaskan Bulls. Including the use of “Spike Camps, Alaska Elite Outfitters provides you the best opportunities to hunt these giant bulls. Especially early morning and late evening is essential to be out hunting. However, we return to base camp mid-day to resupply and dry out for the next night’s hunt.

Alaska Moose Hunt

We moose hunt in early September (5th – 15th) during the pre-rut, when the bulls are very receptive to calling. We travel between call spots using a variety of calls and raking brush. Spot & Stalk methods are used in some circumstances when the terrain and brush are less dense. Understand these big bulls are not standing in the open like a photo in a magazine article. They’re here, and they’re big, but you have to work to get them. In conclusion, being patient is the most important thing; we can’t emphasize this enough.

Alaska Bull Moose Hunt; Two-mile corridor Permit Area

The trophy moose hunting in our particular area is unique in that it is a corridor permit hunt. There is a two-mile corridor along the upper Nushagak river, Mulchatna River. Their tributaries receive a limited number of non-resident bull moose permits each year to restrict the number of bulls taken from this area. Having said this, we have never exceeded that # of licenses, and they have always been available for our hunters.

Trophy Alaska Moose Hunt

The reason our Alaska trophy Moose Hunts has done so well, and the average size of the bulls is increasing in recent years, is that we have experienced eight mild winters in a row.  Thus, allowing the old breeding bulls enough time to recoup after the breeding season. Mild winter has not only increased those 64″-74″ bulls harvested, but there are just more of them in our area! The mild winters help get the older bulls healthy again and make it much harder for wolves to get the Moose caught in the deep snow, which allows the overall population to grow.




Moose hunting

Alaska Elite Outfitters Hunting Specials

 Fully Guided moose hunts $34,500

11-day Moose Hunts 
(Sept 5-15)

Fully Guided 15-day Combo hunts $46,500

15-day Moose/Brown Bear Combo 
(Sept 5-19)

Self Guided moose hunts $12,500

(Sept 5-15)

 10-day (Unit 17) Brown Bear Hunt spring/fall $22,500

(May 10-20; May 21-31; Aug 20-30; Sept 16-26)

15-day (Unit 17) Brown Bear Hunt spring $30,000

(May 13-27)

7-day Baited Brown/Grizzly Bear Hunt


June 10-16th, June 17-23rd, June 24-30th


Alaska Elite Outfitters
Fishing Special



(June 20 – 25; June; 25 – 30;
June 30 – July 5)



(Aug 6-11 ; Aug 11-16; Aug ; Aug 16-21; Aug 21-26)

All Self-guided trips include lodging, food, bedding, shower facilities, rods/reels, freezers and
use of all fish packaging supplies for fish transport.
Fully guided fishing trips include all the above with the addition of a guide, bait, lures, fish cleaning
& packaging.


New for 2024

3-bedroom Fishing Lodge

  • fuel oil heat
  • full kitchen
  • dining room
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 2 showers
  • Internet
  • TV streaming service.