Hunting & Fishing Camp

     Alaska Elite Outfitters Hunting & Fishing camp is located overlooking the Nushagak River. There is a wooden cooking lodge with stove, freezer, refrigerator and ice maker where meals are prepared and served.  The camp has Showers with hot running water and electricity for clients to clean up at end of the day. This camp is also used for King & Silver Salmon fishing and Brown Bear Hunting.

Hunting Camps

    Alaska Elite Outfitters main hunting camp is  wooden cabin’s, kitchen, steam bath and outhouses.  The other main hunting camps are comprised of wall tents with wood stoves or propane heaters.   In addition most wall tents will have hard floors in them making these tents very comfortable.   During the Moose and Brown Bear season we use spike camps to hunt specific animals and areas of special interest.  You will return to the base camp sometime during the day to resupply, dry out or stay the night.

Things to considered

  • Fishing camp is on the Nushagak river
  • Clean comfortable accommodations
  • Plenty of Freezer space and freezer boxes
  • Fully furnished fishing trip
  • Hunting camps have heat to dry out and stay warm
  • Wall tents are new or very well taken care of
  • Generators, Refrigeration and/or freezers at all main camps

Full Service Hunting & Fishing Camp

    Alaska Elite Outfitters Hunting & Fishing Camp located on the great Nushagak River at Iowithla river confluence. In addition this fishing camp has cabins, decks, yurts, hot & cold running water, and a steam bath for your comfort in the wilds of Alaska. Alaska Elite Outfitters full service camp utilize’s a full commercial kitchen ready to serve up memorable meals. Alaska Elite Outfitters will vacuum pack and freeze your catch for the return trip home.

Hunting & Fishing Camp

      First of all fishing the mighty Kings and certainly the acrobatic Silver Salmon on the Nushagak River is Fantastic. These large Salmon runs are due to the natural spawning habitat and also ideal circumstances found only here. Being close to the tide waters as well as the entrance to many smaller tributaries makes for unbelievable fishing.  This comfortable fishing camp is also used for spring and fall Brown Bear hunting.

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