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It’s very important that you follow the gear list below. Having the correct gear will ensure a more comfortable hunting/ fishing trip.

If you want us to buy any special items for you, let us know and give us a couple months, we’ll get them at the lodge waiting for you. When you are in Kodiak go visit Ray’s sporting shop 117 Lower Mill Road, very good bunch of people and they really know Kodiak water and weather.

  1. Grundens Petrus 3/4 length coat or Helly Hansen 3/4 length Guide Coat
  2. Rain Gear 2
  3. Heavy Shirt, one polyester or polar fleece Jacket Polartec
  4. Hip boots LaCrosse Big Chief 600 gram insulated fit snugly
  5. 1 pair of boot socks (one heavy and a medium weight)
  6. 1 heavy double layer Hunting Jacket preferably thinsulate camouflage with the hood 2 heavy shirt, one wool and a polar fleece
  7. A complete set of top quality waterproof rain gear.A pair of bib overalls
  8. or loose fitting waist pants, and preferably a ¾ length jacket. (No poncho
  9. style rain slickers they are not suitable for wind and brush).
  10. 1 pair of good quality insulated Hip Boots, ankle fit
  11. 3 pair of long underwear
  12. 5 pair of warm socks
  13. 2 hats; one stocking style and a cap camouflage is best
  14. 2 pair of gloves; one in wool fingerless and a polar fleece
  15. 1 good quality sleeping bag hollofil or similar
  16. 1 pair of very good quality Binoculars
  17. 1 head lamp + 1 flash light with spare batteries
  18. 1 waterproof bag so on the way back you can carry your hide
  19. 1 space blanket (we use it all the time when you seat for a long time)
  20. 1 scope cover
  21. 1 water bottle (LDPE) type
  22. 1 Terma-rest sleeping pad
  23. 1 pair camp slipper (Crocs)
  24. Personal items (medications, biodegradable soap, toiletries, baby wipes, toothbrush, razor, etc.. don’t forget your cigarettes if you smoke, alcohol)
  25. 1 good day pack camouflage (21-35 liter size, they make them in new material very quiet)
  26. If you are going to go hunting Mountain or Sheep, (don’t forget your favorite hiking boots, make sure they are not new out of the box, you will get blisters)
  27. Hip boots, proper rain-gear, and packs may be pre-purchased from me with one month advance notice and payment.

Guns and Ammunition Recommendations

Black-Tail Deer. 30-06,7 Rem Mag, 300 Win. Mag.

Brown Bear, Grizzly. 338 Win. Mag. 340 Weatherby. 375 Ruger or 375 H & H. I recommend top quality scopes and mounts.



Moose hunting

Alaska Elite Outfitters Hunting Specials

 Fully Guided moose hunts $32,500

11-day Moose Hunts 
(Sept 5-15)

Fully Guided 15-day Combo hunts $44,500

15-day Moose/Brown Bear Combo 
(Sept 5-19)

Self Guided moose hunts $12,500

(Sept 5-15)

 10-day (Unit 17) Brown Bear Hunt spring/fall $22,500

(May 10-20; May 21-31; Aug 20-30; Sept 16-26)

15-day (Unit 17) Brown Bear Hunt spring $30,000

(May 13-27)

10-day Baited Brown Bear Hunt

$20,000 |   hunt

June 1-10th, June 11-20th, June 21-30th


Alaska Elite Outfitters
Fishing Special



(June 20 – 25; June; 25 – 30;
June 30 – July 5)



(Aug 6-11 ; Aug 11-16; Aug ; Aug 16-21; Aug 21-26)

All Self-guided trips include lodging, food, bedding, shower facilities, rods/reels, freezers and
use of all fish packaging supplies for fish transport.
Fully guided fishing trips include all the above with the addition of a guide, bait, lures, fish cleaning
& packaging.


New for 2024

3-bedroom Fishing Lodge

  • fuel oil heat
  • full kitchen
  • dining room
  • 2 bathrooms
  • 2 showers
  • Internet
  • TV streaming service.