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 Alaska Brown Bear hunt

Alaska Brown Bear Hunt

While Alaska Brown Bear Hunting with Alaska Elite Outfitters in the Bristol Bay area, we will utilize various hunting methods to harvest Alaska Brown Bears.  For example, Alaska Brown Bears love scavenging on winter kill moose and caribou carcasses in the Springtime after ice-out. As a result of this, it is an excellent opportunity for hunting them over winter to kill moose & caribou.  In addition to this, our May Brown Bear hunting packages coincide with the Alaska Moose calving season.  

Alaska Brown Bears can be found out looking for their favorite meal during the spring hunt at any time of the day. Besides hunting moose carcasses, spot & stalk hunting, floating the river where they travel, we also utilize several calling methods to bring big bears in close.  In the Springtime, Bears are fresh out of the den and hungry.  We also utilize vantage points for spot and stalk hunts as these bears more from denning areas to the river drainage.

Hunting by jet boat, we travel up and down the river corridors and, as a result of this, cover a vast area.  By doing this, we increase our chances of running across bears themselves, moose carcasses, or where the bears are feeding & hunting moose calves and beaver along the banks.

Brown Bear Hunts in Bristol Bay, Alaska

Alaska Brown Bear hunts are conducted in Southwest Alaska in the Game Management Unit 17 near Bristol Bay. The southern part of this area starts at the Bristol Bay shoreline and runs north to the Kill buck Mountains. The eastern border of this area is the famous Mulchatna River Watershed.  Then runs west, taking in the Nushagak River drainages and Nushagak Hills. This area is about 170 miles long by 90 miles wide, roughly 15,000 square miles.

The areas we hunt feature lake and river systems in which 4-5 million salmon spawn annually, which is one of the largest concentrations of wild salmon spawning anywhere in the world! As hunters know, you’ll have concentrations of Brown Bears when you have concentrated levels of salmon.    

Coastal Brown Bears

We have a substantial Coastal Bears population with the most liberal hunting season and bag limit anywhere in Alaska. Our bear hunting season is open for over nine months per year.  As a result of this, it offers us four months (April, May, Aug & Sept.) of prime bear hunting opportunity. We hunt brown bears in the spring and fall every year with a limit of 2 bears per year.  Boars range from 7-1/2′ to 10′ square, with skulls ranging from 20″ – 29″+ and are at their heaviest during the fall season.   

Alaska Brown Bear Hunting Success 

Our historical success is 75%-80%, depending on the year and weather. We take a limited number of hunters and are committed to providing each client with excellent service and, above all, a high success rate on large Alaskan Bears.




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Alaska Elite Outfitters Hunting Specials

2022 10-day Brown Bear Hunt spring/fall $25,500

2024 11-day Moose Hunts $32,500

2024 15-day Moose/Brown Bear Combo $44,500

Alaska Elite Outfitters Fishing Specials

2022 5-day fully guided King salmon fishing Trip $4,950/person

2022 5-day fully guided August Silver Salmon fishing trip $4500/person

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