Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing

     Silver salmon fishing trip on the Nushagak river in Alaska is nothing less than spectacular. These acrobatic, aerial salmon (coho) leap out of the water consistently making catching them a thrill on fly rods or spinning gear. Located on Nushagak River our Alaska fishing lodge is in the prime location to get limits of silvers. Our boats and guides take you to where the silvers are coming up river the heaviest.

Nushagak River Silver Salmon Fishing

        The Nushagak River has all five species of salmon (Chinook, Coho,Sockeye, Chum and Pinks) and of course the mighty Silver Salmon. Beginning in late July and ending August 31 over 100,000 silvers head up river to their spawning grounds.  Nearly 112,000 silvers were counted in 2018 and ADFG expects even larger runs for 2019. Fisherman are allowed to keep 5 silvers per day.

 Nushagak river Fishing Camp

         Our main fishing camp is located near the tide waters of the Nushagak river with a second location in the village of Ekwok Alaska, only 1/4 mile from airport and landing strip, our location is very convenient for guests.  Sitting on the bluff in Ekwok our wooden cabins are right next to the lodge which overlooks the Nushagak River.

Silver Salmon Fishing Packages

        Our Silver Salmon packages are all-inclusive once you arrive in Ekwok; cooked meals morning and night, along with lunch and snacks are provided. We set you up with all the gear, bait, freezer boxes, fish cleaning, and packaging for your fully guided fishing trip.

Alaska Fishing License

      You will need an non-resident  Alaska fishing license for the duration of your stay. You can get them at any sporting goods store prior to coming OR we do sell all necessary fishing licenses at the lodge.


  • Wooden Cabins, Kitchen, lodge, bathrooms and
  • Hot Showers & Flushing Toilets
  • Fish packaging and freezer boxes for your catch
  • Right on the river and close to airport (convenient)
  • Plenty of freezer space for your Silver Salmon
  • Ice maker and refrigeration in the lodge
  • Accessible by Float plane or wheeled plane
  • Fresh cured bait (Salmon eggs)
  • Nice Silver fishing rods and reels provided
  • One of the most comfortable fish camps on the Nushagak River
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