Moose, Bear and King Salmon

Mike Vanstrom is an experienced hunting guide and fisherman, born around the Rochester, MN area. He grew up on the farm spending his summers fishing and falls bow & rifle hunting whitetail deer throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. Moving to Alaska in 2002 he began packing in 2002 and guiding in Alaska in 2004. Michael is an avid rifle and bow-hunter and has guided in Alaska for many years where he has led 100’s of hunters and fishermen through the Alaskan wilderness for their adventure of a lifetime. Taking his life long passion of hunting and fishing he specializes in Trophy Size Brown Bear, Moose and King Salmon adventures. Past clients that Michael has guided continue to come back and can vouch for his expertise, knowledge of the area and guarantee of a great Alaskan experience.

Bristol Bay Alaska

Join Michael Vanstrom and Alaska Elite Outfitters on an adventure deep in the diverse geography of unit 17.  Unit 17 offers some of the healthiest lakes, rivers, and streams in Alaska.  Alaska Elite Outfitters hunts and fishes in the Bristol Bay area of Alaska on the Nushagak & Mulchatna rivers.  Hunters can expect top quality service while hunting or fishing with Alaska Elite Outfitters.  From the Nushagak River fish camps to the hunting camps on the upper Mulchatna river we have excellent facilities and transportation to them.  You can purchase all licenses and tags directly from Alaska Elite Outfitters or Alaska Department of Fish & Game.

Spring Brown Bear Hunting

Alaska Elite Outfitters start the year in April getting ready for the upcoming Alaska Brown Bear season.  We run snow-machine and snow-shoe hunts in April while the snow lasts.  These will be den hunts taking place just after the Brown Bears emerge from there winter hibernation.  During this time they are still using the den as home base. Then in May after Ice out, we go after the Brown Bear with the use of jet boats. We are traveling the entire river system from the mouth of the Nushagak to the mountains in the upper Mulchatna.

King Salmon Fishing With Alaska Elite Outfitters

Starting around mid-June, King Salmon start entering the Nushagak River on there spawning journey.  For that reason, Alaska Elite Outfitters begins our King Salmon fishing season on June 15th at A.E.O’s camp at the mouth of the Iowithla River.  Nushagak Paradise Lodge is located just above the tide waters of the Nushagak River.  The Kings run for approximately 30 days which brings us to the middle of July. Alaska King Salmon are voracious feeders strike a variety of lure presentations.  We effectively utilize spin-n-glows with cured eggs, and large lures tipped with herring.  Not only do we drift and troll thru the King holes but also anchor up and use crankbaits. Fly fishing King Salmon on the Nushagak River is a fantastic challenge. King Salmon generally run the deeper channels as well as hole up to rest.   So Fly rods (9-11 weight) with fast sinking line and weighted flies are recommended to get down deep enough to fish them

Silver Salmon Fishing

End of July marks the beginning of the Silver Salmon (COHO) Season.  Silvers run for approximately a month and a half through the September Moose Season almost every year.  The fishable time for Silver Salmon on the Nushagak River is between July 23 thru August 20th.  Brown Bear season opens August 20th every year.  As a result, A.E.O stops taking trips of Silver Salmon fishers on Aug 20th when the Alaska Brown Bear Season begins.

Coho Salmon fishing trip on the Nushagak River in Bristol Bay Alaska is nothing less than spectacular. These both acrobatic and aerial Silver Salmon (Coho) leap out of the water consistently making catching them a thrill on either fly rods or spinning gear. Located on Nushagak River in the Bristol Bay area our Alaska fishing lodge is in the prime location to get your limit of silvers. A.E.O fishing guides take fishers to where the Silver Salmon are coming up the Nushagak the heaviest.

The Nushagak River has all five species of salmon (Chinook, Coho, Sockeye, Chum and Pinks) and of course the mighty Silver Salmon. Beginning in late July then ending in early September over 100,000 silvers head up the river to their spawning grounds.  Nearly 112,000 Silver Salmon went through the Alaska Fish & Game(ADFG) counter in 2018, and ADFG expects even larger runs for 2019. A fisherman is allowed to keep five Silver Salmon per day with 10 Silvers in possession.

Alaska Fall Brown Bear with Alaska Elite Outfitters

Brown Bear season starts Aug 20th along with the Resident Moose season.  Since the Silver Salmon are in the heaviest at this time, the Brown Bears are feeding heavily on them.  And if there’s a good berry crop, they are hitting the hills hard as well.   Hunting fishing holes, electronic calling and berry fields are some of the favorite tactics of Alaska Elite Outfitters (A.E.O) for hunting these fall Brown Bears.

Alaska Trophy Moose Hunting

Trophy Alaska Moose Hunting with Alaska Elite Outfitters is a top quality Moose Hunting experience.  By taking only a few moose hunters into our vast area, we keep the Moose hunting quality high. Alaska Elite Outfitters Moose hunts are efficiently performed from jet boats thus traveling from calling area to calling area is comfortable and practical. Cow calling, bull grunts, and brush thrashing are the primary methods of getting big bulls within gun & bow range. Backwaters, small rivers, and meadows are where huge trophy bulls hangout.  Our ability to travel on jet boats and Zodiac’s make it possible to access these big Alaskan Bulls.  With the use of “Spike Camps, A.E.O provides you the best opportunities to hunt these giant bulls early morning and late into the evening. Alaska Moose Hunting season opens for non-residents in unit 17 on September 5th and runs through Sept 15th.  With only an 11 day season we have only one non-resident moose hunt.   The Nushagak and Mulchatna River drainages are on a limited permit system to avoid overhunting.

Alaska Elite Outfitters

So if you want to experience giant Alaskan Trophy Moose, that can measure up to 74″ and weighing up to 1,600 lbs.  And the mighty Alaska Coastal Brown Bear on the hillside of the famous Nushagak River. Along with the largest & best King Salmon run in all of Alaska.  Join us on the Nushagak River for an adventure of a lifetime. Because whether its Trophy Alaskan Moose, Brown Bear or King & Silver Salmon fishing get away from the crowds. And off the road system and conquer the wild with Alaska Elite Outfitters.