Alaska Brown Bear
2020 Fall Brown Bear Hunt with Bow
Alaska Brown Bear
Sept 2020 Alaska Brown Bear hunt with Bow
Alaska Brown Bear
2020 Bow Kill Moose Sept 8

Moose & Brown Bear Combo Hunt with Alaska Elite Outfitters 2020.

This was one of the most exciting Moose/ Brown Bear hunts I have ever guided.  We started out hunting Moose on Sept 5th 2020, passed up a legal bull on the first day of the season.  On Sept 9th we completed the moose hunt with a 20 yard shot on the above bull we called in.

 Sept 15th the 1st lighter colored boar was shot at 25 yard from a ground blind along the river.  It was a double lung shot he went 75 yard and was 7-1/2′ square.

The last day of the hunt Sept 18th we were tree stand hunting a moose kill site, when this 9’4″ boar came in an hour before dark.  We completed our hunt with heart shot on this mature boar who went 10 yards completing our full Moose and 2-Brown Bear Combo hunt for 2020.

If you are interested in a Moose/Brown Bear Combo Hunt give me(Mike) a call @ 218-434-0068, we have 2 spot available for the 2022 season.

Alaska Brown Bear Hunt

  • 100% Success rate on 9-2020 Fall Brown Bear Hunts!
  • We Focus on Mature Boars 8′-10′
  • We offer May jet boat hunts May 10th-20th, 21st -31st. 
  • August & September Bear Hunts: Aug 20th-30th Sept 5th-19th
  • We are in a 2-Brown Bear/regulatory yr area.
  • We Have all four color phases of Brown Bear.
  • Beautiful Hides, No Problems with Rubbed Hides Spring or Fall
  • Get your Brown Bear Tags & License from Alaska Elite Outfitters right in the field or from ADFG.
  • Have many Spring & Fall Brown Bear Hunting References


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